Welcome to family Torén

Welcome to family Torén

Rapport från fältbesök i nordväst

AlfabetiseringSkapad av daniel fre, juli 24, 2009 20:56:38

Jag blev så glad över ett mail jag idag fick från vår projekt koordinator Cornelius Tudu. Han skriver från besök i studiecirklar och alfabetiseringsgrupper:

"I have visited 12 adult literacy group and 1 Study circle during the last two days. It
is very encouraging to see the participants in the groups that they are learning
excellent reading and writing through our Jante Chai project. In one/two groups
there is some problems but most of the groups are very good and really they are
doing very well. It is understood that the facilitators are working hard for the
groups. I have visited both female and male groups in the field.

The participants are very much interested, enthusiastic and happy to learn reading
and writing. In some groups the participants are such good that it is unbelieveable
that just they learned reading and writing within these two or three months. Some of
their hand writings are also excellent. It seems that they are regular student and
learned from School or College. I have visited Thakurgaon areas under Bablu's
supervision on last two days.
From today to tomorrow I will visit Panchpir and Ponchogor area under Sukuru's

Thanks for today


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